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By David Weddle and Jeffrey Lang. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group commited to safeguarding the Federation at any cost. Julian Bashir faces his darkest nightmare when Section 31 compels him to undertake amission to stop one of their own.

But this renegade is no ordinary agent. Like Bashir, Dr. Ethan Locken is genetically enhanced, a human superior in body and mind. But Locken dreams of remaking the galaxy in his own image -- and creating a new human empire based on the example of the infamous Khan Noonien Singh. After his meeting with Cole is complete, Bashir briefs the other senior staff of the station. Lieutenant Ro Laren confirms that the Maquis were interested in Sindorin due to an unusual mineral in the soil and flora which naturally blocks sensor scans. Ezri insists on going with Bashir, and Kira assigns Ro and Taran'atar to join them.

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Commander Vaughn seems them off, and warns Bashir to just perform the mission, and not look for information to try to take down The team takes the runabout USS Euphrates and winds an indirect route into the Badlands, finding a derelict Romulan N'renix -class starship whose crew was brutally murdered and left as a warning to those who would follow.

A prerecorded message from Locken insists they are trespassing on sovereign territory of the New Federation. After setting the core to overload to destroy it and prevent the Romulans from suspecting Federation involvement, the runabout enters the Badlands and approaches Sindorin, where it is engaged by a vessel of mixed technology and shot down. Ro and Taran'atar are able to escape via transporter before the vessel crash lands on the surface.

Ro and Taran'atar are able to make contact with the Ingavi , a transplanted species Ro and the Maquis met many years ago. Taran'atar scouts the enemy Jem'Hadar and finds them weak and improperly trained; the Ingavi agree to join an assault on the Dominion As they form ranks and make their way through the forest, Ro is shown what used to be an Ingavi sacred space, and now unholy ground, as Locken slowly and meticulously killed their children by nailing them to trees and watching They are able to find the runabout, still in reasonable shape, and plan to use it.

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Ro is able to get the runabout off the ground, but Taran'atar is captured. In the base itself, Bashir and Ezri awake in a holding cell, where Locken meets them and invites them to dinner, where he attempts to show off all he has accomplished - synthesizing a version of ketracel white, advances in cloning technology including steps towards memory transfers, and manufacturing his loyal Jem'Hadar soldiers. After dinner, Bashir plays the part of being interested in Locken's work in order to gain his confidence. Once away from Ezri, Locken is overconfident in his swaying of the Doctor, and shows off his other work - genetically engineering a prion which can infect any organism with a central nervous system.

He plans to shoot a missile at a Romulan world, then several more later, his calculations suggesting that the entire population will be infected. The Romulans will believe the Federation behind the attack, and the two will enter a conflict, drawing in the other quadrant powers to severely weaken them. With Locken distracted, Ezri is able to escape her cell with a combadge circuit that Bashir was able to salvage and hide until he could pass it to her.

Once out of the cell and into the ventilation system, she makes her way through the compound and finds the ketracel white plant, where she attempts to make modifications to the formula to placidate them. Locken finds the modified behavior and suspects Bashir; returning to his personal quarters where he left the Doctor, he finds Bashir hunched over the computer, working frantically.

Locken is furious, and launches the first missile at the Romulans ahead of schedule. Unable to break the encryption around the launch controls, Bashir had instead altered the orbit of the weapons platform, which the missile explodes against harmlessly. Bashir also points out that Locken's trusted companion at his previous posting was none other than Cole, who has orchestrated this entire event.

The main assault against his facility continues on outside, the Ingavi having moderate success against the drugged Jem'Hadar. However, the modifications have altered more than Ezri expected; their loyalty to Locken has faltered, and he is killed at their hands. Their First has Taran'atar seal a set of doors, trapping them all inside, where they will kill each other.

Both the A plot Bashir's excellent next step in the Section 31 arc and the B plot fleshing out Ro and Taran'atar's roles in the series meshed well and I thoroughly enjoyed both. An easy "outstanding" vote. Tirius , Jul 12, Joined: Jun 17, Lang Review Thread Spoile Bashir was so well written in this one, everytime he said something, or his thought patterns were described, I heard Alexander Siddig. The writers really did a superb job here.

kiveregeraro.tks - Reviews of Section Abyss (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

Taran'Atar was excellent, Ro was really fleshed out here. And even Ezri, who I loved in season 7 but had some real issues with in TrekLit, was good here. Yes, where a lot of Trek stumble with the first episode after a pilot, this one really kept the pace and tone set by Avatar the pilot, in this Relaunch going.

Mage , Jul 12, Joined: Aug 30, Location: I'm here. Where are you? Lang Review Thread Spoile I reread this recently, and it's a great read, and a good followup to Avatar.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Section 31:Abyss” Review by Boldlygo

Masiral , Jul 12, Joined: Oct 3, I love the scene where Kira is trying to tell him that he doesn't have to use lethal force against any of Locken's Jem'Hadar and he just doesn't see why he wouldn't use lethal force. He has a great line, something like " You may consider these Jem'Hadar already dead ". I also like Vaughn's role in the novel, something I hope David Mack is revisiting in Disavowed this year. DS9forever , Jul 13, Lang Review Thread Spoile Another outstanding vote for me.

Like a lot of people said earlier, this one really helped to solidify the DS9R. I'm a big Ro and Bashir fan, so I loved how much this one focused on them.

Section 31: Abyss

I was really hoping this would start a trend of the TV series writers writing for the Relaunch, but, so far at least, David Mack is the only other person to write for both the TV series and the Relaunch. JD , Jul 13, Joined: Dec 29, Location: In the future's past. Lang Review Thread Spoile I just finished this last week. Easily an Outstanding vote from me.

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I'm a big Bashir and Taranatar fan, and thought this book was excellent. All the characters rang true for me, and the story itself was really great! Another winner for Jeffrey Lang.

Everything i've read by that guy has been Outstanding! My expectations for Disavowed skyrocketed after finishing this book. I wish the absolute best of luck to Mr. Weddle helped provide the story "idea", but that he may not have actually had a hand in writing the actual manuscript of Abyss. Is this true? I'm sure he was busy writing TV scripts at the time Paris , Jul 13, Joined: Apr 5, Location: United Kingdom.