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This will help all the holes line up with the slots. If you used a drill to put in the screws, hand tighten them with a screwdriver. This will ensure a secure installation and help prevent over-tightening and possible damage to your walls or ceiling.

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Stick your Nest Cam to the mounting plate. The rare earth magnet will hold your Nest Cam securely, even if you install it on the ceiling.

How to fit ceiling lights

Make sure to watch your fingers when attaching the mounting plate to avoid injury. Ready to explore some other things your camera can do? Now that your camera is mounted, here are some settings to explore, and some things you might not already know about your camera.

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Welcome to your new home for help, the Google Nest Help Center. This was more or less my internal dialogue as I spent an afternoon scanning through the websites of some 25 big green groups, bypassing mission statements and campaign pages for executive team rosters and board lists. Sure, I already knew that men were overrepresented when it came to top leadership roles in environmental nonprofits. But somehow, seeing the picture of one White man after another crop up on my computer screen made the disparity more tangible: The environmental movement has an equity problem.

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  8. Women — and even more notably, women of color — are hitting a thick glass ceiling as they attempt to move up the ranks at big environmental nonprofits. When it comes to gender diversity at green groups, the leadership gap is perhaps all the more glaring because women make up more than half of the workforce in the environmental nonprofit field. According to a report by Green 2. A report by researcher Dorceta Taylor at University of Michigan — looking at both environmental nonprofits and environmental grant making organizations — found that 63 percent of fulltime staff were women.

    Women have made significant gains over the past few decades when it comes to leadership in the mainstream green movement.

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    Both reports found women in more than half of senior staff positions at these same groups. By comparison, a study found women held just 21 percent of leadership positions at green groups. According to Green 2. They chair just 29 percent of boards and make up only 37 percent of board membership. My own back-of-the-envelope research indicated the same — of the 28 environmental nonprofits I looked at, only two had boards composed of more women than men.

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    Earth Island Institute, the environmental nonprofit that publishes Earth Island Journal , fits these trends. Find a way of connecting the earth wire to any of the metal - possibly just wrapping the cable around the hook, if there is continual contact to all metal from there. That's the function of the earth - for when something is wrong, i. If the live cable comes loose and touches metal parts. The earth will ground the current, and should trip the circuit.

    The following 2 users would like to thank rob1 for this useful post: fatmanfilms , Treverus. Yes I know that but the guy says the whole lamp is already live so fitting an earth now will just cause the CB to trip. Recheck wiring anf if connnected properly its faulty and should be taken back. Hello All - thanks for the responses so far. The light is a "Kristaller" chandelier type fixture, with a metal frame and glass crystals draped over it. When connecting the light the entire frame and ceiling cup, which are all metal, were reading as live.

    I tested this using a multimeter, which somewhat overstates its function although it is called a multimeter , as it actually only measures AC. In this case - the whole light frame was causing a flash. I guess from the responses above I have two options: 1 Check the wiring of the light and confirm the live wire is not exposed in any way, then test again.

    The Photosynthetic Ceiling

    I'll try option 1 again first, and if the same issue presents itself then will return it. Sounds like he just has a circuit tester and not a multimeter so its not accurate. Anyway, the point being that it has been accurate at detecting live current. I don't see an earth wire in the light itself, I'll check it again and try to install one more time before taking it back. Attached Thumbnails. The only ceiling light I ever bought at Ikea was a nightmare.

    Three ways to mount your camera

    It was professionally installed and shortly after stopped working properly. I called the electrician back and he said the light was faulty. So I took it back to Ikea with the receipt and the customer service person argued with me.