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Item shows minor use. Edition: Brdbk. Other notes: Little Shelf Wear. Author: R. Stine ISBN Will be clean, not soiled or stained. The book may be personalized and could contain page markers or stickers. Accessories such as CD's, codes, and dust jackets etc. We ship Monday-Saturday and respond to inquries within 24 hours. Hardcover with dustjacket. Previously owned and in very good condition. No writing inside. Light wear. Spine is tight. Pages are clean and crisp. Very good readable condition. A compendium of classic stories.

Wonderful classic stories of adventure and mystery. Gently used. There might be writing in the margins, possibly underlining and highlighting of text, but no missing pages or anything that would compromise the legibility or understanding of the text. No te gustaria ser del ejercito de Alejandro Magno. In Spanish. Previously owned and in near like-new condition. Pages are clean. Great readable condition. However, because it is cheap, it is slower than other choices. Binding: Hardcover Language: spanish.

Binding: Paperback Language: spanish,french. Edition: Student List Price: -. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hot This Week. Featherless : Desplumado by Juan Felipe Herrera. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Andar tentando. Andar d tientas, 6 i ciegas. Andar i sombra de tejado. Andar k monte. Andar aperreado. Andar de nones. Andarse d picos pardos. Andar d grillos.

You cannot touch pitch without being defiled. To escape Scylla and fall into Charybdis. In the course of time. To waste another's time with fiUse promises. To be on the same story of rooms. To reverse the order of nature. To wear a simple dress. To be about to say or do a thing. To be engaged in love affairs. Not to have anything to do. To rove about ; from Dan to Beer- sheba. To be a vagrant. To stroll and wander about. To go here and there ; to be unset- tled. To wander, gad, or roam. To scour the city. To lead a nomadic life. To lead a vagabond life. To live in misery.

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To beg. To be very short of anything. To be utterly destitute of funds. To be in increasingly narrow circum- stances. To grope where we cannot see ; to make efforts or trials. To grope in the dark ; to fumble. To hide ; to skulk ; to abscond. To skulk ; to lurk in hiding-places. To be harassed, or fatigued. To be idle. To follow idle pursuits ; to loiter. Andar manga por hombro. Andar por su cabal. Andar 6 venir con un palmo de len- gua. Anda mal.

Cuento ¿De qué color es un beso?

Andar d tatas, 6 i gatas. Andar sin sombra. Andar balando por alguna cosa. A mayor andar. A peor andar. Quien mal anda, mal acaba. Quien con lobos anda, d aullar se ensena. Andar 6 estar en la danza. Andar en malos pasos. Andarse tocando tabletas. Andar como ardilla. Andar 6 ir de capa caida.

Andar en balanza. Andar en cuerpo. Andar con mosca. Andar de puntas. No andar en contemplaciones. Andar 6 estar torcido con algimo. Andar en quintiUas. Andar i capazos. Andar en puntas. Andar al pescuezo. Andar en dimes y diretes. Andar en ddres y tomdres. Andar i mia sobre tuya; 6 d la zarpa; 6 andar al mono, 6 al pelo. Andar d tr6mpis. To live selfishly. If I am comfortable, what care I for ridicule! To be overheated. He is a bad walker. To walk timidly ; to creep. To crave ; to desire anxiously. To long anxiously for something.

At best ; at most At worst. He who lives ill, dies ill. He who lives with wolves will learn to howl ; evil communications cor- rupt good manners. To be implicated in an affair. To be in a bad way, as to conduct To be disappointed.

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To be as active as a squirrel. To be crestfallen. To be in danger of losing property or place. To go out without an outside gar- ment.

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To fly into a passion. To be on bad terms ; to quarrel. To have recourse to harsh measures To be at enmity with some one. To seek dispute or quarrel. To quarrel and fight. To seek a quarrel, mutually. To take another by the throaty To dispute and quarrel. To contend ; to dispute. To come to blows. To come to fisticuffs.

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Andar k puiialadas, 6 i cuchilladas. Quien anda al reves, anda el camine dos veces. Andar el diablo suelto. Andar el diablo en cantillana. Andar d la que salta. Andar i maks. Andar k coz y bocado. Andar con un ten con ten. Andar de ganancia. Andar con pi6s de plomo. Andar 6 estar de priesa. Andar con reserva. Anda el hombre i trote por ganar su capote. Aquel va mas sano, que anda por el llano. Entre bobos anda el juego. La rueda de la Fortuna anda mas lista que ima rueda de molino.

Andando gana la hazefia, que no estdndose queda. Andar listo. Andar en pretensiones. Mai me andardn las manos. To come to loggerheads. To fight with poniards or knives. He who takes the wrong road must make his journey twice over. Disturbances or dangers are rife. To go to the dogs. To throw a doubt upon a person's credit To go away in enmity. To quibble ; to cavil ; to evade. To play roughly. Be off with you! Be off! Expression of approval, or great dis- pleasure. Away with you! To act cautiously and justly.

Cuento: El Eclipse

To pursue a thing successfully. To do things quickly. To proceed with the greatest cir- cumspection. To be in haste ; to be much occu- ' pied. To proceed cautiously. A man will work hard to secure a comfortable living. Of two ways choose the safest. This affair has come into the hands of experts. The wheel of Fortune goes faster than a mill-wheel. To be active or diligent. Be quick! To seek office importunately. Andar k caza de alguna cosa. Andar tras alguno. Andar por el pleito. Andar un negocio. Andar i caza con hur6n muerto. Andar prudente. Andar, 6 ir d la ahorrativa. Andar sin recelo.

Andar con el tiempo. Andar con cuidado. Andar 6 estar hecho un negocio. Andar 6 estar holgado. Andar alguna cosa muy tirada. Andar d caza de gdngas. Ande la loza. Andar con zapatos de fieltro. Andar k las bonicas. Andar con la cara descubierta. Andar d derechas. Andar d caza. Andar cazando. Andar d la gineta. Andar, 6 verse en los cuemos del toro. Anddrsele d uno la cabeza. Andar, 6 estar el mundo al reves. Quien no pueda andar, que corra. Andarse en flores. Andarse d la flor del berro ; 6 bus- car la flor del berro.

To strive for a thing. To go in pursuit of anything. To make essays or trials. To follow a person ; to go in pursuit. To have charge of a lawsuit. To undertake the charge of a case or business. To undertake a business without adequate means. To act prudently.

To go to work frugally. To have no fear. To conform one's self to the times ; to be a time server. To be careful. To be very busy. To be well provided for. To be difficult to find ; to be sold dear. To try for a sinecure.

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Noisy mirth and jollity. To pursue things successfully. To proceed with caution and silence. To take things easily. To act openly. To act honestly. To go hunting. To hunt ; to seek. To go at a short trot. To find one's self on the horns of the bull ; to be in imminent danger. To have vertigo ; to become dizzy. Sometimes the world seems topsy- turvy. To command difficult things to one who cannot do easy ones. To decline entering into a debate. To give one's self up to pleasure. Let us not use subterfuges or eva- sions.

Quien anda i tomar pegas, toma Unas blancas y otras negras. La verdad siempre anda sobre la mentira como el aceite sobre el agua. Andar, comer, 6 meterse de gorra. Andar en mangas de camisa. I Bueno anda el ajo! Cuando la zorra anda d caza de griUos, mal para ella, y peor para sus hijos. El mentir y el compadrar, ambos andan i la par. A mas andar. Andar en buena vela. Andar todo. Andar k sombra de tejado.

El poco andar del barco. Anhelar honores. Al anochecer. Anochecerle d uno en alguna parte. Anochecer, y no amanecer.

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Antojdrsele k uno alguna cosa. Aiiudar los labios. Anudarse la voz. Aiiadir fuego k fuego, 6 levantar fuego. Apagar la cal ; 6 azogar la cal. Apagar la voz. Apag6se el tiz6n, y pareci6 quien lo encendi6. Apagar el hambre. To be always ready to follow the opinion of another; to be like a cork on the water. It is difficult to get exactly what we want. Truth always rises above falsehood as oil rises above water. To go to meals at other people's houses without invitation. To be in one's shirt-sleeves.

A fine state of things, to be sure! The fox and her young must be badly off when she goes hunting for crickets. False friends try to outwit each other. At full speed nau. To be under full sail nau. To put up the helm nau. To be under the hatches nau. To have one's sea legs nau. The slow way of the ship nau. To aspire to honors. At nightfall. To be in a place at nightfall ; to be benighted somewhere. To disappear furtively. To desire or judge thoughtlessly. To keep silence. Inability to speak, consequent upon excitement. To add fire to flame; to foment difficulties or quarrels. To slack lime.

To deaden the sound of an instru- ment. When the quarrel is over, the instiga- tor appears. To satisfy hunger. Una y otra gota apagan la sed. Apalabrarse de sed. Apalear el dinero, los doblones, 6 el oro. A los bobos se les aparece la madre de Dio6. Aparentarse, 6 apartarse del derecho. Eso lo apartard, 6 acabard la pala y el azad6n. Apartar el grano de la paja. Apasionarse de. Apear el no. Apearse por la cola 6 per las orejas. Apear una caballeria. Aparear un tiro de caballos de coche. Apelar el enfermo.

Apellidar libertad. Castillo apercibido, no es combatido. Fulano me apesta con su afectaci6n. La traici6n place, mas no el que la hace. Aplicar el oido. Aporrearse en la jaula.

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Apostar carreras. Apostarlas, 6 apostdrselas. Aprender de cabeza, 6 de memoria. En barba de necio aprenden todos i rapar. Lo que se aprende en la cuna, siem- pre dura. Apretar con imo. Apretar la mano. Apretar la cuerda. Apretar hasta que salte la cuerda. Apretar d uno la nuez. Apretar 6 levantar los talones. To quench the thirst. Continual dropping wears away stone. To suffer great thirst. To amass money ; to be excessively rich. A dunce may have good luck. To cancel a claim or debt. Death only can cure that. To distinguish between what is im- portant and what is not so.

To dote upon. To ford the river. To give an absurd answer. To hopple a horse, or mule. To match a set of horses. To escape death from sickness. To proclaim liberty. Forewarned is forearmed. He disgusts me with his affectation. Men love the treason, but not the traitor. To listen. To engage in fruitless toils. To run races. To contend ; to defy. To learn by heart. On a fool's beard all learn to shave. What is learned in childhood is never forgotten. To attack a person. To blame or punish severely.

To draw the reins tighter of law or discipline. To urge a person till he loses pa- tience. To strangle a person. To take to one's heels. Apretar i correr. Apretar el paso. Apretar 6 picar de soleta. Apretar el argumento. Apretar d dlguien con fuertes ra- zones. Mucho aprieta este testigo. Apretar los punos. Aprovechar la ocasi6n. Aprovecharse de la ocasi6n. El hijo que aprovece, a su padre parece. Apunta el dia. Su barba, 6 bozo, apunta. Apuntar una herramienta. Apuntar la ropa. Apuntar en el teatro. Apuntar los vegetales. Apuntar y no dar.

Apuntar una cosa. Apuntar d un bianco. Apuntar de memoria. He apurado todos los recursos, y no he podido conseguirlo. El disclpulo se estd apurando. Apurar una noticla. No te pierdas, no te pierdas, Por las piedras del camino, no te pierdas, Dando vueltas por el mundo. Tropezando con las piedras del camino. Adas, hechiceros de los siete mundos. Cada hombre sigue su camino. Cada hombre sigue su destino. Y el mono sabio, yo te le digo, bien conoce el mundo.

El agua se mete por cualquier agujero. El fuego no se apaga soplando con la boca. La tierra madre es para los 10 seres. Soy un hombre muy honrado que me gusta lo mejor a mujeres no me faltan ni el dinero ni el amor. Fueron tus ojos o tu boca Fueron tus manos o tu voz Fueron tus labios o tu voz Fue a lo mejor la impaciencia De tanto esperar tu llegada.

Yo soy un hombre sincero De donde crece la palma Yo soy un hombre sincero De donde crece la palma Y antes de morirme quiero Echar mis versos del alma [ echar may be cantar ]. Cultivo la rosa blanca En junio como en enero Cultivo la rosa blanca En junio como en enero Para el amigo sincero Que me da su mano franca.