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There is an island platform with two tracks on the second basement. The exposed exterior of the museum. The museum originates from the Expo Art Gallery which was built as part of Expo '70, held in Suita in the outskirts of Osaka. The site was converted into Expo Commemoration Park after the Expo, but the gallery was preserved for possible future use as a permanent art museum.

Due to the aging of the building as well as growing space limitations, the museum was temporarily closed in January It also holds a rose garden. The City Hall of Osaka building is located on its west end. Many governmental and commercial offices including the city hall of Osaka , museums and other cultural facilities are located on Nakanoshima. Nakanoshima and its park, part of which is seen towards the left in the central delta. The first building at the extreme left in the delta is the public hall, followed in order toward the right by the city public library, the city hall and the Osaka branch of the Bank of Japan.

The street in front of the bank is part of the Mido Suji Boulevard -- The park was constructed at the site of a former air field of the United States Army, so the land is a long rectangle shape characteristic of a runway m x m. This place was one of the busiest fish wholesale markets Zakoba fish market and Utsubo dried fish market , from Edo period until , at that time a new wholesale market was opened at Fukushima ward. The Utsubo Tennis Center occupies a large area of the western part of the park.

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Some international tennis tournaments have been held there. Around the eastern part of this park, many cafes and bakery have opened after Sometimes open-air wedding are held at the rose garden. Dotombori River. Osaka has a relatively mild climate overall, punctuated by seasonal changes and hot summers. There is no custom for tipping in Osaka or any other region of Japan. There is no need to pay any tip to restaurant or hotel employees or taxi drivers, etc.

Major currencies, such as U. Actual currencies handled depend on the facility. Please check details on their respective homepages, etc. Electricity The standard voltage in Japan is AC V, which is somewhat unusual globally, and there are two different frequencies. Plugs are the same two-pin type as used in North America.

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An adapter is required for three-pin plugs. Many red postboxes are installed on the street. You can send an international airmail postcard anywhere in the world for 70 yen. Customer service in English is available for the post office. TEL: charged. Please use travelers checks, credit cards, or cash as appropriate to the purpose. Travelers checks can be used in hotels, ryokans traditional Japanese style hotels , and major stores, and can be exchanged at major commercial banks in principal cities.

Compared to foreign currency exchange, they can be exchanged with a lower handling charge, and can be reissued if lost or stolen. However, travelers check and credit cards may not be accepted in some stores and restaurants, etc. Information on ATMs that can be used for withdrawing cash using a credit card or cash card issued in foreign countries Many ATMs do not accept credit cards or cash cards issued in other countries.

You are recommended to contact your credit card company to check which ATMs can be used for any credit or cash cards issued overseas in advance. The accepted card types are indicated near the ATM. In October , food and cosmetics were added to the list of products available for tax-free purchase by foreign visitors to Japan. Osaka has a full range of department stores, shopping streets and malls. Follow Osaka Bob on social media to rediscover the appeal of Osaka.

There are many world class accommodations in Osaka. Many economy grade facilities suitable for business purposes are also available, so accommodation can be selected. Minimum room charge including tax and service fee for single or other types of accommodation is categorized using stars. The center is scheduled to reopen in spring after renovation. C o n te n ts 01 Contents Access to Osaka 02 Introduction: Special Feature Annual Event Information Helsinki Osaka 9 hours 35 minutes Kansai International Airport Frankfurt 10 hours 50 minutes Paris 11 hours 35 minutes Beijing Istanbul Rome 3 hours 11 hours 5 minutes 12 hours 15 minutes Shanghai 2 hours Hong Kong 3 hours 40 minutes Dubai 9 hours 10 minutes Taipei Delhi 9 hours 55 minutes Honolulu 2 hours 30 minutes Hanoi 8 hours 40 minutes Manila 4 hours 35 minutes 3 hours 35 minutes Bangkok 5 hours 30 minutes gether, y Osaka to Let's enjo!

Osaka that makes you smile! Have fun, eat well, and make new friends in Osaka! From world-class products to rare items unique to Osaka Famous for an abundance of tasty foods from around the world A wealth of history, tradition and culture combine to create so much to see. Chefs are used to showing off their skills to keep diners satisfied. Just a single dash of thin Worcester sauce is the rule. An abundant array of pastries creates a feast for the eyes and palate. Sashimi Sushi Styles ranging from Osaka-zushi to nigiri-zushi Fresh fish bursting with flavor Tempura Okonomiyaki is a dish made from batter that includes flour, cabbage and eggs topped with anything from pork, squid, shrimp or other seafood to cheese or even Korean kimchi.

A wealth of tempting, eye-catching products Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street Starting from a converted warehouse in the s, Amerikamura built a reputation as a store selling second-hand clothes, records, and miscellaneous goods imported from the US. An array of specialty stores Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Street The tallest skyscraper in Japan, with 60 above-ground levels. P21 P20 So many products to choose from A complete range of various character goods Cute, affordable accessories Japanese-style souvenirs popular with foreign tourists 6 Professional-quality makeup items sure to become favorites.

Osaka is also the home of The Instant Ramen Museum instant ramen. P48 Filled with thrill and excitement Cruises briskly ply the waters through Osaka from points such as the Minami shopping area and Nakanoshima area. Other than gourmet and shopping, there are also many cultural and famous places Connection interval Usage restrictions Reset every 30 minutes None Reset every 15 minutes Four times per day 1 hour total A total of 1 hour of usage time per entered email address to see. Check out the unique characteristics of each area. Some stores open till 4 am 14 Osaka Castle area Osaka Castle area This bus loop connects several areas in Umeda, making it handy for Umeda sightseeing.

Holidays 15 less of the Some ts of Osaka par typical nice too. Kitashinchi Sta. East Osaka Dai-ichi H. Hankyu Dept. All shops open in the B2F and 10F 9. New Oriental H. Osaka Kokusai Bldg. Meijiya Bldg. Yotsubashi Semba Center Bldg. Osaka Center Bldg. Itochu Bldg. Sankyubashi-suji Ave. Regis Osaka Hommachi Sta. Sunlife Hommachi dori St. Osaka Takenaka Bldg. South Osaka Ikoma Bldg.

Sakaisuji Ave. Utsubo Park Cityroute H. Yuki Museum of Art Mido-suji Ave. Matsuyamachi-suji Ave. Av rg. Naniwabashi Nakanoshima Rose Garden Brg. Mitsui Garden H. Osaka Yodoyabashi t. Super H. NCB 1 St. Dojimagawa River Oebashi Sta. Kansai Tenjimbashisuji shim Nakano wa One of the most famous shrines in Japan known to enshrine Sugawara No Michizane, the god of scholarship.

Fees Watanabebashi Sta. Ohatsutenjindori St. Higashi-Umeda Sta. Dojima Avanza H. Ogi-machi swimming pool Ogimachi Park S ori St. Hanshin Fukushima Sta. NishiUmeda Sta. Lucua Shin-Mido-suji Ave. Daitoyo EST H. Minamimorimachi Sta. Intercontinental H. Osaka Osaka Yayoi Kaikan. Nakatsu Sta. South Osaka South Osaka fun Have ith ting w c a r inte ls ca. Minami Minami Minami l era ev ns. East Osaka East Osaka y o man e just s go! Hakimono-Tonyagai Shoes Wholesaler's St.

Namba Sta. Fees Built in as the first western style theater in the Kansai region, the theater was renovated in introducing the latest equipment while leaving the neo-renaissance style arch at its entrance. Namba Nan Nan H. Plaza Sennichimae-dori St. BIC Camera H. Theatre Osaka-Namba Sta. Crossover Nippombashi Brg. Vista Grande Osaka Ebisu bashi Brg. Dotombori bashi Brg.

Street Mitsudera Temple Capsule H. Osaka Shinsaibashi Mido-suji Ave. Nikko Osaka Ave. Osaka Shinsaibashi Shinsaibashi Sta. Villa Fontaine Shinsaibashi Hearton H. Minami 2 24 m Nishiohashi Sta. East Osaka East Osaka r is popula u le. All sightseeing is done from the bus. The Tallest Skyscraper in Japan is Born! Miyako H. Loop H 3 This area has its own unique downtown charm. Sub ress Tea House Business H. Chuo DobutsuenMae Sta. Imamiyaebisu Ebisucho Sta. Subway Tanimachi Line machi-s Ebisucho Sta. Minami: See p. Piers Ave. Subway Chuo Line. Tanimachi 4-chome Sta. Japanese Archery Hall Shudokan Pref.

Police Headquarters Tanimachi-suji Ave. Keihan Tenmabashi S There is no argument that the main tower is the symbol of Osaka. To Twin21 Tower t.

Rail transport in Kyoto Prefecture

Nikkei Inc. Temma-bashi Brg. L Temmabashi-suji Ave. Tempozanohashi Brg. Tempozan Passenger Terminal Yomemai-ohashi Brg. Keihan Universal City H. Today, the bay area is One of the largest Ferris wheels in the world with a height of Miyabi-Hisaya set meal yen excluding tax Special event reservations are always welcome.

Mido-suji Ave. Subway Midosuji Line Bring this guidebook. Level Level Tsutenkaku Tower here! Hirakata City Check out all the areas of Osa ka! Tsutenkaku Wakuwaku Land now The entrance for the elevator to the observation deck is on the basement level. Mizumakannon Sta. Izumi Sano JCT. Ozaki Sta. Izumi-Sunagawa Sta.

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  7. Otori Sta. Sakai JCT. Takaishi Sta. Kashiwara Sta. Seagull Rinku-town Sta. Tarui Southern Beach Yao Sta. Shigisanguchi Sta. Traffic Kansai Sta. Kansai Airport H. Bellevue Garden H. Kansai International Airport City H. Kansai Airport Washington H. Hagoromo Sta.

    roses at nakanoshima garden in osaka no3 Manual

    Temple Osaka-Abenobashi Sta. Kintetsu Corporation Takashinohama Sta. TennojiEkimae Sta. Sumiyoshi Sta. Suminoekoen Sta. Su Yotsubbway ashi Li ne MAP T-2 This comprehensive gas and energy science museum lets visitors have fun learning about saving energy, recycling, and protecting the environment in a handson manner advanced reservations required. H Matsunohama Sta. Tanagawa Sta. Osaka Castle area Osaka Castle area A natural park of about hectares was created as a "cultural setting surrounded by greenery" at the site of the Osaka EXPO held in , as a commemorative landmark.

    Awaji Sta. Minami-settsu Sta. Neyagawashi Sta. Kadoma-shi Sta. Nishi-Sanso Shijonawate Sta. Nozaki Sta. Katanoshi Sta. Korien Sta.

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    Hirakata-koen Sta. Lin Takarazuka Line Sta. Sunny Stone H. Bampaku-kinen-koen Kita-senri Sta. Senri-chuo ail Sta. Takatsuki-shi e Lin Sta. Saito-nishi Sta. Expo'70 Mino-o Sta. Kawanishinoseguchi Sta. Yamazaki Sta. Oyamazaki Sta. Nissei-chuo Sta. Kawachi-Matsubara Sta. Domyoji Sta.

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    Sumiyoshi-Koen Sta. Sumiyoshitaisha Sta. KishinosatoTamade Sta. Nanka i Ko ya Lin e Sakai Sta. Kyuhojiguchi Kawachi-Yamamoto Sta. Hattorigawa Sta. North Osaka Tennoji Sta. Kintetsu e Lin 5 A shrine honoring the spirit of Kusunoki Masatsura, who was active as one of the military leaders of the Southern Imperial Court and died in this area in a battle against the Ashikaga army. Hankyu Kyobashi Sta. Shijonawate shrine ain s Na iba nk ai Siom 1 Nozaki Sta.

    Agora Osaka Moriguchi Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome Sta. Former Nakanishi family estate, a Line Juso Sta. Osaka Castle area k razu A site featuring about tunnel tombs dating between the 6th and 7th centuries AD, which are maintained as a historical park. Ibaraki Sta. Ibaraki-Shi Sta. Kita-senri Sta. Osaka Duck Tour reservation required Features Japanese first amphibious bus. Unlimited rides on all JR lines in Osaka and the surrounding Kansai area. May Jun. Tipping 12 5 Travelers checks and credit cards 0 Jan. May Electricity The standard voltage in Japan is AC V, which is somewhat unusual globally, and there are two different frequencies.

    TEL: charged 56 Jun. Official site Updated daily. Check it out! Many economy grade facilities suitable for business purposes are also available, so accommodation can be selected Minimum room charge including tax and service fee for single or other types of accommodation is categorized using stars. Dome-Mae Sta. Dome-mae Chiyozaki Sta.

    Taisho Sta. Juso Sta. Sakuragawa Sta. Morinomiya Sta. Nagahoribashi Sta. Tanimachi 6-chome Sta. Matsuyamachi Sta. Tanimachi 9-chome Sta. Osaka-Uehommachi Sta. Imamiya Sta. Asashiobashi Sta. Imafune Sta. Osaka- Abenobashi Sta. Abeno Sta. The exposed exterior of the museum.

    Nakanoshima Rose Garden in SPRING 2012 (Osaka, Tenmabashi)

    The museum originates from the Expo Art Gallery which was built as part of Expo '70, held in Suita in the outskirts of Osaka. The site was converted into Expo Commemoration Park after the Expo, but the gallery was preserved for possible future use as a permanent art museum. Due to the aging of the building as well as growing space limitations, the museum was temporarily closed in January It was opened for service on October 27, , and has been in service ever since.

    The station offers quick access to the Gion district and the main shopping district on Sanjo-dori. Layout This station has 2 side platforms with a track each. Opened in , the museum was constructed to mark the th anniversary of Osaka City. The construction was funded through a 6. Its theme is "The Universe and Energy". Before the war a similar museum opened in It was known as the Osaka City Electricity Science Museum and it was both the first science museum and the first planetarium in Japan.

    The Science Museum's primary permanent exhibition consists of four floors of mainly interactive science exhibits, totaling items, with each floor focusing on a different theme. There is also a live science show with science demonstrations several times per day. Like the rest of the museum, these dem. The name "Demachiyanagi" is the combined name of "Demachi" in Kawaramachi Imadegawa, the west side of Kamo River, and "Yanagi" around the station, the east side of that.

    Tracks of the two lines are not connected. Eizan Railway There are 4 dead-end platforms with 3 tracks on the ground with bus station and the entrance of Keihan Railway, along Kawabata Dori. There is an island platform with 2 trac. It is numbered "KH21". Layout The station has three island platforms serving six tracks located on the third-floor level. The Keihan and JR sections have two side platforms each. The Demachiyanagi-bound platform of the Keihan station and the Nara-bound one of the JR station are on the same structure, but were separated by a wall.

    On November 6, , the transfer ticket gates were located between those platforms and the gates are open from 7 till In other hours, passengers must walk on a bridge between the platforms. There is no through service to Keihan Main Line. Until 15 March , several trains through to Keihan Main Line were operated on weekdays, as rapid trains. They were named "Hikoboshi" and "Orihime", unlike other Keihan line rapid trains which were not named. Located adjacent to the convention center is underground Nakanoshima Station served by Keihan Electric Railway Nakanoshima Line as the terminus.

    Retrieved External links Official website. It is connected by footbridge to nearby Kintetsu Tambabashi Station. On July 29, , the station was renamed in order to clarify that the station is not convenient for the newly raised Fushimi Momoyama Tomb of Emperor Meiji, the nearest station of which is Fushimi-Momoyama Station as renamed from Fushimi in Since then all types of trains on the Keihan Main Line make stop at the station.

    For details, see the article "Kintetsu-Tambab. The ward is primarily a residential quarter, but has some office buildings and a commercial district, as well as factories and wholesale businesses.