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With one stroke I became completely dependent for everything—eating, drinking, going to the bathroom, scratching itches, etc.

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Most of us are able to take control over our own bodies for granted. Not me. Every single thing I want done, I have to ask someone else to do and depend on them to do it.

They get tired of it. So do I, but whereas they can walk out of the room or pretend not to see my gestures, I cannot escape. People say I am very patient, and I am. It is only partly due to my nature.

OSHA formally proposes one-year delay to crane certification rules

The basic truth is, I have no choice. Henry can move his eyes and click a button with his thumb, which allows him to use an eye-tracking mouse. The key is a carefully designed low-level Web interface that relies on multiple interface modes and augmented reality for intuitive control of even complex robots. Our approach is to provide an augmented-reality AR interface running in a standard Web browser with only low-level robot autonomy.

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Many commercially available assistive input devices, such as head trackers, eye-gaze trackers, or voice controls, can provide single-button mouse-type input to a Web browser. The standard Web browser enables people with profound motor deficits to use the same methods they already use to access the Internet to control the robot. With its autonomy limited to low-level operations, such as tactile-sensor-driven grasping and moving an arm with respect to inverse kinematics to achieve end-effector poses, the robot performs consistently across diverse situations, allowing the person to attempt to use the robot in diverse and novel ways.

Description Henry Crane is a small-time manufacturer venturing into the big-time business of human-like robots.

Automated Gantry System with FANUC LR Mate 200iD Robot – FLT’s New LGR-3 Demo Gantry Cell

His plan is to give the world a personal assistant ideally suited to each individuals needs and personality. The only problem is that his robots keep killing each other!

Home Robot Control for People With Disabilities - IEEE Spectrum

In the attempt to find the problem, Henry and his team of co-workers try various experiments, but it is only when Henry is prepared to risk his wife's sanity that they finally make the break-through - only to realise that the presence of evil helps to find and preserve good. Yes, but that's life.

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About Ken Down The problem of the origin of evil is easy to solve: it's all down to the devil and his initial fall from perfection. The problem of why God permitted evil to continue - and still permits it to continue - is less easy. It's a problem that I have thought about a lot because as a clergyman, you can't help but come in contact with a lot of evil.

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There's the problem of pain and suffering among an elderly congregation, the problem of cunning and deceit among those who turn up at church asking for money, the problem of evil in the form of crime in your community, and, of course, the larger problem of evil - just plain evil - in the larger world, from animal suffering to terrorists. I don't claim to be a great philosopher but my years of living and travelling in different countries and different cultures have, perhaps, given me a wider perspective than most. And I'm fascinated by computers and artificial intelligence, so I hope it has all come together in a book that will entertain, amuse and challenge you.