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The Silmarillion is less of a story than a history, an accounting of thousands of years of Middle-earth's mythology, starting at the very dawn of the universe itself. There's no central, main character.

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There's no over-arching plot to tie it all together. Locations are all over the map. It is, quite simply, unadaptable. He despised Jackson's movies and stated in no uncertain terms that he would never sign off on the movie rights to The Silmarillion , or any other of his father's works — to anyone. Still, the idea persisted. The tantalizing notion of seeing all of Middle-earth's history play out before fans' eyes just wouldn't go away. Now, we have the news that Amazon is investing in a TV series set in Middle-earth with at least five seasons planned along with possible spinoffs to air exclusively on its Prime streaming service.

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But here's the big twist. Mixed in with this news is the stunning revelation that the Tolkien Estate is not only on board with this production, they're helping produce it.

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This jaw-dropper is being treated as a footnote in the news, yet it's hard for serious Tolkien fans to imagine anything more shocking than Christopher Tolkien doing such a dramatic And he didn't; this entire situation was later explained by Mr. Tolkien having retired back in August — and one assumes the Estate began talking to Warner Bros. All of this comes together to suggest one exciting possibility. There's far too much material in The Silmarillion for a movie or three.

But a TV show? That's doable. And the only way you could feasibly produce a TV series based on The Silmarillion is if the Tolkien Estate were to sign off on it: which may just be what happened. As it stands, Warner Bros. All of Middle-earth is up for grabs, and with Tolkien's mythology being one of the richest and most detailed ever created, the sky's the limit.

This production could easily pick and choose, conceivably borrowing from any of Tolkien's many texts, including all of the material completed by his son Christopher and released posthumously. It's also possible that the production might create entirely new stories starring new characters that live in Middle-earth. Maybe we'll witness familiar events from Tolkien's fiction from a new point of view. Of course, there's a lot of intangibles even to the idea.

What would that TV show be like? There is, quite frankly, an embarrassingly long list of riches from that one book that Warner Bros. They could present it as something of an anthology, with each season consisting of one major tale from the history of Middle-earth; with every new season, viewers would follow a whole new cast of characters having adventures in a different time period.

More than likely, though, if this were to happen it would begin by chronicling the rise of Middle-earth's biggest baddie: Morgoth. Morgoth, also known as Melkor, is basically Satan in Tolkien's creation myth. After he's cast out by Iluvitar, the maker of the universe, he spends centuries in constant pursuit of revenge. Sauron was his protege and pupil, who rose to power after Morgoth was defeated for good. And we all know what became of that guy. We'd learn all about the joint origins of the Elves and the Orcs, where Balrogs came from they're Maiar spirits fiercely loyal to Morgoth , and what exactly Morgoth's deal is.

Loads of major events from Middle-earth history could be included, such as the Fall of Gondolin, the War of the Jewels, and the War of Wrath, where Morgoth finally meets his end.

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    Maeglin traiciona a la ciudad. Combate de Glorfindel con el Balrog. Los Valar esperan que surga un Intercesor para intervenir a favor de Elfos y Hombres. Encuentra la tumba de sus hijos. Los Enanos matan a Thingol y huyen con el Collar. Fin de la "Cintura de Melian".

    Melian parte a la Tierra de los Valar. La cuarta batalla de Beleriand. Fin del sitio de Angband. Fingolfin reta a duelo a Morgoth: combate singular. Incursiones de orcos. Noticias de los Hombres Cetrinos.