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It's the slack right arm of Valeria, a dead, month-old Salvadoran girl, draped around the neck of her dead father as they lie face down in the muddy reeds on the banks of the Rio Grande in the indelible news phot.

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Chicago Tribune Leitura de 5 mins. CHICAGO - With the Illinois state championship game scoreless after minutes, Barrington High School midfielder Tina Teik stepped up to the penalty spot, 12 yards from the goal, to take her turn in the shootout that would decide the title. She blo. Fechar janela Tem certeza? Tem certeza de que deseja excluir esta lista?

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Explore agora. It can be collapsed by pressing the system cap with your thumb. The bottommost segment in neon orange indicates when you are approaching the victim. Continue shoveling carefully. The quick-assembly strap makes immediate opening and assembly possible in one motion. The bottommost segment in neon orange provides visual notification of the proximity of the buried person during shoveling. We guarantee the ideal weight 0 lb. Stabilization ribs and high sidewalls provide the anodized blade with additional stability.

We have retained the compact T-grip, which can be re-attached for right or left handers.

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With over , PFA probes sold, the system has established itself in every area of application in the last ten years. The PFA system also ensures it locks into place smoothly. The strongest aluminum available - used in our high-end safety products for optimal balance between weight and rigidity. With the new quick-lock assembly system, assembly and locking is possible in a single direction.

By pulling, the knot snaps directly into the system and the probe is assembled! The screw system makes fine, perfect adjustments possible. The D-handle is regarded as the king of all handles. Its orientation and ergonomics allow for maximum lift. Thus you can remove more snow without tiring. The shovel handle has an oval cross section, which gives it better durability than round cross sections. The same is true for the stiffness. The force transmission and thus the shoveling performance are much higher.

Most of our shovel handles are telescopic — this reduces the pack size and enables economic handling. Light and stiff and thus the aluminum of our choice for all aluminum probes. We use different tube diameters between 11 and 13 mm meaning: the thicker the diameter, the heavier and stiffer the probe.

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The material is extremely stiff, yet very light. Another advantage is the low thermal conductivity of the material — the probe is more resistant to freezing. When weight is not a factor, but reliability and probing accuracy play a major role, steel is the first choice! For a little extra weight, you get maximum safety. Aramid fibers provide high rigidity, robustness and stability with limited stretching, making them ideal for a tension system. Thus aluminum fits on aluminum — a virtually indestructible combination. The entrenching action significantly assists the rescue of buried victims with two or more helpers.

This type of aluminum is light yet rigid and, therefore, our first choice for many of our shovel scoops. This requires the excavation of liters of snow! Whether the bivouac is planned or you have to spend an unintentional night on the mountain because of a sudden change in the weather or an accident — our BIVI PRO will protect you! It is perfect for professional, improvised descent transport of an injured party and for preparing a bivi bag knot, but can also be converted into a seated tent or sun awning.

Despite its compact size, the BIVI PRO offers space for 1—2 persons and comes in a stowaway bag, which thanks to its rolltop, can easily be compressed.

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It has a rope attachment, ice axe holder, and side and diagonal ski attachments. The circumferential front zipper provides quick access to all your important things. In the generous upper compartment there is space for your cell phone, keys or other small items. The foamed 3D back system is lightweight and stable at the same time and provides ideal weight distribution. Cushioning occurs in a near-linear fashion, which keeps stress on the human body low.

The graphic shows an initial flat increase in force distribution for a rubber-like protector. After four milliseconds the foam is completely compressed. It is only then that cushioning actually begins. This means there is a remaining force of 30kN on the body, which is huge. For hardshell protectors, this value is even higher.

In practice, this could result in bones breaking. Cushioning is linear and the maximum remaining force is in the region of only Those who get away from the masses and head to the mountains need protection. But only gear that fits properly can protect the body perfectly. The wide wraparound hip strap ensures the protector fits perfectly — especially when it matters most. In an innovative method, we combine foam and pressed Swiss wool covered with a high-tech knitted fabric with a different hole structure.

Features such as the hip belt, ice axe holder and lid compartment can be removed completely. Offers excellent temperature management and high stability without compromising on comfort and lightness. Because being lightweight alone is not enough, we have of course added features such as material loops, rope fastening option, a hydration system fastening and a zip pocket for storing valuables.

The lightly padded shoulder straps and soft back guarantee the necessary wear comfort. Backpack can be stored in the zipper pocket by turning it inside out. Clever little features such as hydration system compatibility, crampon and ski fastening options, a hip pocket and a rain cover all come as standard on all TRAVERSE backpacks.

Also serves as a side ski fastener. However, the hip fins are shorter and conical formed. That is more than a quarter of a century of experience in working with the most functional of all natural fibers. Our expertise lies in the intelligent combination of this natural material with other innovative fabrics. With the resulting easy-wear system, we provide you with unique functionality and high wear comfort for all your mountain adventures. Our wool comes from the natural paradise of Tasmania. We have counted on wool from the Swiss Alps for our unique Swisswool products for several years, collecting it directly from the source.

Here, like everywhere else in the world, we exclusively cooperate with partners who share our ethics, values and sense of social responsibility. Light, high-performance products for more enjoyment. For a better time. Spending unique moments with friends. Experiencing enjoyment. Is real greatness. The extra energy from reaching the summit. More of more: Time with friends. Sharing experiences. Planning new routes. Made possible by pure functionality.

The products in this line are light but also robust and comfortable. Just like our naked sheep, here merino wool takes a back seat and is only used in certain areas for increased comfort. The merino wool guarantees optimum climate regulation, while the membrane protects against water and wind. The Merino lining buffers moisture and wicks away sweat. This provides an unbelievable microclimate in which the fibers absorb the moisture and then transfer it outside, while at the same time regulating the temperature — something that is absolutely vital on long ski tours!

The most athletic material in our collection is now even more functional! On the inside, merino fibers provide perfect moisture and temperature regulation. The world outside controls the shell made from polyamide and elastane. Our wool DNA carries the Loden material, which is partiallyinserted and underlain with membrane outside.

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It is robust and keeps damp and wind out. For example, my personal vision for a great life is to have time freedom. Financial freedom is great, but spending time with my family and having amazing experiences together is more important. I also want to make a positive impact on others through charitable donations and time spent volunteering. And I am happy to report, I am on my way to accomplishing both!

Robert Collier, publisher of The Secret of the Ages , states: success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. So which five small action steps can you take tomorrow or better yet, today! What five small action steps can you take tomorrow or better yet, today! Take some time to think about this and write them out on a piece of paper, where you can see it every day, and implement it! You have approximately 50k thoughts a day. Replace every negative thought with a positive one!


Always have a positive expectation for the best. And always trust the law of attraction! Research studies show that the power of visualization is real and can assist in accelerating performance. Your level of performance always matches your dominant vision. Visualize all your goals and result as though they are already accomplished! Do this twice a day, and feel the feelings you would have as if you already accomplished them! And create a vision board! Use the power of images to keep you focused on your goals. Whether it be a car, trip to Paris or a professional goal, be sure to have pictures, quotes and more compiled where you can see it every day.

You can purchase the Jack Canfield Vision Board Collection for more in depth visualization and vision board techniques! Nothing happens until a request is made. An offer is made. Or an action occurs. So reject rejection! Never let the fear of rejection keep you from accomplishing your dreams! Can you imagine if he stopped after the rd rejection?