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And that is what I want to explore here.

When I was born, Scorpio was rising. Go to an astrology conference and ask which planet rules Scorpio and you may start a fistfight. Classically, the answer is Mars.

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Modern astrologers favor Pluto. People argue vehemently on both sides of the question.

To me, that is silly. Both rulerships are valid. Mars and Pluto each have an affinity with Scorpio, and that is what rulership is about. And astrologers, since time immemorial, have recognized that the planet which rules the ascendant plays a dramatically underscored role in a persons life. Thats why it came to be called the ruler of the chart. But why exactly? To answer that, we need to think some deeper thoughts about the nature of the ascendant.

That is a big subject, but one elemental observation is that the ascendant represents a persons style of manifestation.

Daily Horoscope's contributing Astrology writer, Fern Feto Spring

Heres what I mean: You meet someone at a party, they say how are you? You say, Fine thanks, hows about you? They say, Fine thanks. And you instantly like themor dislike them! Something of their core nature shone through that superficial social behavior. We can learn a lot about someone by how they say, Fine, thanks. Energy comes through every human gesture. I always think of the ascendant as the stained glass through which the light of the psyche is shining. It translates the deeper n-dimensional layers of the psyche into the 3D world of social behavior. The ascendant is how you act in the world.

And that is the key to understanding why the planet that rules the ascendant is so important. Like the ascendant itself, the ruler of the ascendant is behaviorally activated. We see it very clearly in the existential and social behavior of a person. The astrological birth chart holds many clues about profoundly intimate, even hidden, elements of a persons experience and character. The ruler of the ascendant may carry such deeper meaning as well.

But it always carries that simple signature of the ascendant itself: visible behavior. So, off I go to yet another airport, to teach yet another class. Thats what my life looks like. Is that what I am? Yes, sureand I am grateful for it. But I am not that simple.

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And neither are you. There is a planet that rules your ascendant too.

Its in a sign and a house and it makes aspects. Have a look at it from the point of view we have explored here. Do that and you will, to paraphrase the words of the great Scots poet, Robert Burns, see yourself as others see you.

Fern Feto Spring

Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Dhanish Truman. Dibya Kanti Mukherjee. Ian Gil. Ashley Tolliver. Dana Borziac. Mia Bukovsky. This combination shows an active mental life, with his busy involvement in astrology Aquarius rules astrology, technology, and social causes.

Mars in the 3rd house represents his motivation to write. Steven Forrest is a member of the International Society for Astrological Research, which encourages the highest standards of quality in astrology.

Chart dimensions...

The program offers a course on ethics awareness; this is all representative of his own Aquarian high standards. Mars in Aquarius in 3rd House The third house represents our communication and ability to express ourselves, short journeys, siblings, cousins, it is associated with early schooling and our attitude and relationship with knowledge itself as well as the environment in which we live and work. Previous post: The Astrology of Unusual Accidents.